First-time Self Publisher?

The art of writing is indeed one of the most exciting, inspiring and creative works in which human beings engage. When your read the phrase, ” general proofreader”, think novels, memoirs, blogs, websites, newspapers (online and off), resumes, and so on. More niche-specific “transcript proofreading” refers to court reporting and legal proceedings. I am definitely of the general proofreading genre.

Before I left my corporate career and started writing myself, I worked as a drug discovery scientist in pharmaceutical R&D. There was an old adage in the scientific research world that said, “Never QC your own work.” In this modern age of more and more dependence on technology as it relates to the art of writing, I would venture to add, “Never rely solely on technology to QC your work.”

Perhaps the increase in the incidence of typos, grammatical errors, misspelled words, incorrect syntax and using the wrong homonym seems to be more common place and, dare I say, acceptable–even in news articles from well-established media outlets. This makes me cringe, even when it’s me who is the culprit.

I believe this is also a factor in the now widely available option of self-publishing. I’ve had the occasion to see books on the market with the types of errors mentioned above. I am a firm believer in proofreading by someone other than the writer. (Trust me, I learned this firsthand!)

Never QC your own work.

Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash
Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

It’s quite interesting to me that we seem to be on a trend of replacing good old human intelligence with artificial intelligence. Fresh human eyes can pick up errors that the writer’s eyes may gloss over after repeatedly perusing the same information. This is especially true when the fresh human eyes happen to be in the head of an experienced proofreader. I have been proofreading writing¬†throughout most of my career. Now I offer proofreading services to others, with a special interest in assisting first-time self-publishers.

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