SOAR by Design was born out of my desire to work independently, providing consulting services that reflect skills and expertise developed over the course of a 25-year corporate career. I’ll not forget when creating a website was added to my accountability as a Program Manager for the Center for Science Education at Brustol-Myers Squibb. I has always had a passing interest in understanding computer programming, going back to high when I had my first computer science class. I took programming language course as electives in college as well. Going down the path of learning how to design a website meant teaching myself HTML and Dreamweaver, which I mastered.

So here I am many years later being commissioned to design and develop a website for an embassy in Washington DC. How cool is that? This project came about as a referral from a client who has multiple websites that bear the SOAR by Design brand. It started off by “practicing” on friends of mine. The first website I did was for, a nonprofit organization. The next was bartered with the creative mind behind The owner did editing and videography services for ThePlaceto SOAR. From the Liberating Tamar came another referral whch then led me to the embeassy project.

Classic example of word-of-mouth marketing!