A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do. Being a multipotentialite is our destiny. – http://puttylike.com/terminology/

I am what Emilie Wapnick describes as a “multipotentialite”. How I love the sound of that word! What it means is I am eclectic by design and in the work that I do, which includes ministry, network marketing, business consulting, instructional design, strategic planning, and website design. At one point or another, I am a research scientist, a learning and development specialist, a home school teacher, a strategic planner, an event planner, an instructional designer, a diversity and inclusion leader, a website designer, a life coach and, my personal favorite, a serial traveler who is morphing into a travel writer.

I have worked with corporations; with a consulting firm; with entrepreneurs and small business owners; with nonprofit organizations; with youth organizations and mentoring programs; and with churches and community organizations. I have earned the title of International Best Selling Author as an writer in an anthology of inspirational narratives, Motherhood, Dreams an Success: You Can Have It All. I also am the producer and host of a local television show, The Place to SOAR, in partnership with Princeton Community TV. And I love it doing all!

I have been designing websites for quite a while now. I am primarily self-taught, beginning with a stretch assignment I received while working as a science education manager for a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. We were in the process of introducing the SharePoint platform and I needed to design a learning and development website for my group. So, I started off learning Dreamweaver and HTML code and was soon off and running.

Later, I began designing websites using WordPress, primarily for my own benefit. Then people started asking me to assist them with designing and updating their websites and I found myself working with entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofit organizations.

So I decided to launch Soar By Design to offers my knowledge, skills and expertise across a broader network, still focused primarily on entrepreneurs, small business owners and nonprofit organizations. My services include:

  • Website design and branding
  • Instructional design and development
  • LMS administration
  • Business consulting and strategic planning

Peace and blessings,

Anita D Russell, MEd, CPC